The 6 best online scheduling platforms for your WordPress website

best online scheduling platforms
Since having someone working with you just to manage all of your business appointments isn't necessarily cost-effective, many people have turned to online solutions that don't require too much tech-savvyness.

Manual scheduling is a time-consuming task that increases business costs significantly. Therefore, several businesses have decided to take advantage of online scheduling platforms to setup meetings with their leads and clients. With online scheduling, everything is easier. You can simply attract and retain more customers.


Since having someone working with you just to manage all of your business appointments isn’t necessarily cost-effective, many people have turned to online solutions that don’t require too much tech-savvyness and that if need be, you can plug them in your website without needing to contact your developer.


I recently wrote an article detailing the 5 best booking plugins for your WordPress website. This one is going to be different, because here you will find the best online scheduling platforms for your business. These are external platforms that have easy and seamless integrations with your website and that can help you in reducing your costs, as they don’t need you to find a person to handle them.



Pricing: $8/month (free plan available)


Calendly makes among the best hubs for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently. It eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can focus on the important things. With Calendly, you can create simple rules and let your customers know your availability and preferences.


Calendly does all the hard work and lets you do only the easy one. You can embed Calendly on your website to let your visitors get booked within minutes. However, if you want to share your Calendly link, you can do it using your email or any other platform like Instagram, for example. After your visitors pick the event, day and time, the event will automatically be added to your calendar.


Calendly offers a free basic plan for those who are just getting started. But, if you are working with small teams or want to use it in your projects, you should pick the premium plan. The premium plan costs $8 per month and offers customization as well as advanced features you can use to impress your clients.


Although the premium plan is a great alternative, most users pick the Pro plan. By paying only $4 more than the premium plan, you can connect up to 6 calendars per user. With Calendly, you’ll be able to:


  • Automate follow-ups and reminders. Your meeting workflow will be on autopilot. It’s like having an assistant without hiring it.
  • Reduce cancellations and make more connections. Your prospects only need a few clicks to get booked, and rescheduling is fast, easy, and on their terms.
  • Delight your invitees with modern scheduling. A few clicks to make an appointment means making the most of everyone’s time. Your clients will know you care about them and their valuable time.
  • Send custom email and SMS notifications.
  • Connect to Google, Office 365, iCloud, and Outlook calendars
  • Connect to Zoom, MS teams, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet
  • Track with Facebook Pixel and Google analytics
  • Collect Payments with Stripe and Paypal


If you have an Elementor based website, this article explaining how to integrate Calendly with your website is perfect for you!



Pricing: $10/month


YouCanBookMe simplifies scheduling significantly. You only need to connect your Google or Microsoft Calendar, create your booking page, share it, and let your customers schedule their appointments. Then, all bookings will go straight into your calendar, and you’re ready to go.


With YouCanBookMe, taking control of scheduling isn’t hard work. It costs $10 per calendar per month. But, you can have a 14-day FREE trial to see if it’s the right fit for you. This platform offers:

  • Customizable notifications like confirmation emails, reminders, SMS, and calendar events.
  • Follow-up email automation
  • Easy availability management
  • Customizable UI to provide a seamless scheduling experience
  • Team Availability Management
  • Configurable booking form
  • Several integrations with platforms like Zoom, Zapier, Gmail, and Stripe.



Pricing: $45/month (free plan available)


HubSpot offers several software solutions. All of them provide you with booking services. The company offers three different plans to help you improve your marketing strategies and turn leads into customers.


For small projects and companies, the starter plan is the best option. It costs $45 per month and provides you with:


  • Landing Pages, Ad Management, Forms, Conversational bots, and Live Chat to attract audience attention.
  • Email health insights, list segmentation, and contact website activity to understand your leads and turn them into new customers.
  • Email marketings, Ad retargeting, and form follow-up emails to keep your leads and existing customers engaged.

The professional plan costs $800 per month, and the Enterprise plan $3200 per month. Of course, these plans offer even more features like Dynamic automation, website traffic analytics, and Multi-language content. HubSpot enables you to connect several calendars and host meeting links on your domain.



Pricing: $9/month (free plan available)


Setmore lets you custom your scheduling planner in only three simple steps. This platform gives the freedom to customers to book from anywhere. It’s available 24/7 and allows you to collect payments at any time.


Centralizing your bookings makes the management process much more comfortable. With Setmore, you can manage all appointments in only one place. As a result, your business will run like clockwork.


Setmore also helps you integrate your appointment scheduler with your favorite apps. So, using it on your website, social media, or sales CRM won’t be a challenge. This platform offers features like:


  • Secure online payments with Square and Stripe
  • Reviews to help you keep customers happy and encourage new bookings
  • Automatic Confirmations
  • Email Reminders
  • Text Reminders
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Class Booking
  • Staff Logins
  • Calendar sync across multiple devices


Setmore’s free version is an excellent way to get started. Still, it has many restricted functions. For 1 or 2 users, you can purchase the Premium plan for only $9 per user per month. If your team is bigger than 2, then you should pick the Pro Plan. It costs $5 per user per month, but it’s only available for +3 users.



Pricing: $9/month (free plan available)


ScheduleOnce is designed for teams. It maximizes scheduling opportunities, resource utilization, and conversion opportunities. This platform offers a wide range of integrations so you can provide a better experience to your customers. It’s easy to set up and provides the following features:


  • Several Meeting Scenarios to help you save time and serve your customers
  • Automatic rules and configurations to manage your team’s workload.
  • Team assignments to help you maximize meeting efficiency. That will let you connect your customers with the right team member.
  • Create a premium customer experience by using advanced branding and customization options.
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance to protect your users and your valuable data.


The starter plan is free for up to 25 user licenses. If you need more licenses, the Growth Plan is what you need. Also, most branding and customization features are only available on the paid version.



Pricing: $9/month


HoneyBook is a powerful booking platform made for small businesses. Honeybook’s starter plan costs $9 per month and provides you with all the features as well as up to 6 months of concierge support. The starter plan is limited to $10K in total transactions.


If you want no limit on transactions and unlimited support, you’ll have to pay $39 per month to get the Unlimited Monthly Plan. HoneyBook all the features listed below:


  • Easy invoicing with secure and easy digital payments
  • Payment reminder
  • Professional and flexible proposals with an easy booking process and professional branding.
  • Fully customizable schedule planner with automated confirmation and reminders
  • Legit and ready-to-go contracts with smart bars to highlight where to sign
  • Custom step-by-step workflow
  • Automated emails, tasks, and more
  • Easy integration with tools you already use
  • End-To-End Client management
  • State of the art mobile app


Final Words

All of these booking platforms are great choices depending on your needs. Before making your purchase, you have to be sure of what your customers demand and how you can meet their expectations.


Don’t hesitate to start offering booking services on your website. Generally, companies with booking services generate more leads and have higher conversion rates. Also, since companies like HubSpot offer features like Ad Management, Website Traffic Analytics, and Dynamic Automation, improving your marketing strategies will no longer be a hurdle.


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