Amazing Elementor Sliders: How to make them

Elementor sliders – and virtually any slider for that matter – work best when you have good imagery and they sometimes excel when you have high definition images that you can properly optimize for web use without having them lose quality.

Why is Hello the best Elementor theme for your site?

best elementor theme

Hello is as light as possible. Most of the themes come with a boat load of assets that are unnecessary and that pretty much all they do is make your website slower. Core Web Vitals is on the horizon and you have to do all in your power to have a super fast website if you want to increase your chances of getting found by Google.

3 Different Ways You Can Build The Header Menu On Elementor Pro

header menu on elementor pro

Ease of navigation is one of the biggest keys to the usability of a website. If visitors can easily find what they are looking for they will be more likely to stay on the website rather than leaving and going to some other site. Effective navigation can help to increase page views, improve the user experience, and even increase revenue and profit.

How to Create Header and Footer With Elementor Free Version

header and footer elementor free

I’m never going to be against getting Elementor Pro, but if you already have a theme like OceanWP, Astra or even if you have Hello Elementor (without planning to use a blog) and want a more customized header and footer section, you don’t necessarily have to get the Pro version of Elementor

Neumorphism in Elementor: How To Do It?

neumorphism in elementor

There’s a point that needs to be made about this trend and it is the fact the base of it, which is Skeuomorphism, has been around for a long time. Apple’s mobile devices used it up until the iPhone 7, when they decided to kill it for more flat UI elements, with some slight differences that make this style visually appealing.

4 Simple Steps To Adding Custom Fonts On Elementor

Themes and page builders like Elementor come with the bundle of web fonts created by Google, which according to statistics from BuiltWith, are in 45% of the top 10,000 websites and globally, the amount to over 35 quadrillion views

How To Design A Mobile Call To Action Button In Elementor

mobile call to action

“No product is an island. A product is more than the product. It is a cohesive, integrated set of experiences. Think through all of the stages of a product or service – from initial intentions through final reflections, from first usage to help, service, and maintenance. Make them all work together seamlessly.”

The 3 Best WordPress Themes For Elementor Made Websites

Best wordpress themes

The main thing to keep in mind is the goal of your website and how you’re planning to implement that goal. Hello Elementor gives you better performance and flexibility, while Astra and OceanWP, being multi-purpose themes, are sometimes easier to work with and can be used for several different types of projects.