Why is Hello the best Elementor theme for your site?

best elementor theme
Hello is as light as possible. Most of the themes come with a boat load of assets that are unnecessary and that pretty much all they do is make your website slower. Core Web Vitals is on the horizon and you have to do all in your power to have a super fast website if you want to increase your chances of getting found by Google.

If you’re like anyone who starts a WordPress website, the first thing you get overwhelmed with after the installation is the theme. There are so many in the repository, friends or people from Facebook give you their suggestions (Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress, etc.) or you just see platforms like ThemeHigh, Envato and others. So, what should be an easy decision turns into a nightmare. All theme’s developers say theirs is the best – as they should, right? – and then a little bit of anxiety starts creeping in because you think that whatever you end up choosing is going to be wrong.


In this article, I will explain why I think Hello is the best theme for Elementor and why it is the one you should go with not thinking twice.


best theme for Elementor


First, what’s a theme?

In WordPress, a theme is what’s known as a collection of the assets that are used to define the appearance and display of a website. They can be free like the ones you find in the repository, or premium like the ones in the aforementioned stores like Envato.

You can manage them from the admin area under the Appearance tab > Themes, where you can also install more.

Each theme has its own different design and features, and they generally consist of three parts in addition to images and JavaScript files. The three parts are the style.css file, the WordPress template files like the header, footer, sidebar and page content, and an optional functions.php file that will allow changes to be made to the theme.

At this point, Elementor should be a given

Having that defined, let’s move on to how you build a website, and it’s pretty obvious that Elementor has got to be your first choice. With more than 5 million installs, this popular page builder not only makes it easier for tech-savvies and non-tech-savvies alike to have a site up and running in a pretty short amount of time, it is one of the two builders that offer the best theme building capabilities.


When you have Elementor Pro on your site installed, you can build anything from your header and your footer to the layout for your blog posts, and the way your WooCommerce products are going to look. You can also do so without the Pro version installed, but it’s always better to go with the source. You won’t have any compatibility issues, it’s only one plugin more that needs to be updated instead of like five or six and you have many other amazing features at your disposal with Elementor Pro like custom fonts, form building (multi-step forms are coming!), etc.


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Now, let’s go to the approach of choosing a theme

When building their WordPress website, many people like things simple. Easy. User-friendly. That approach and that mindset is what they also employ in choosing a theme. And you may not be different. You like to have something ready you can show potential clients really fast so you can start raking in more business.


And while that approach is good, you’re not going about it the right way because you’re thinking of the theme in function of your website and what you want to do with it, and not in function of the page building powerhouse that is Elementor.


Think about it, if Elementor already lets you design:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Post Template
  • Archive Template (where all your posts reside)
  • WooCommerce products
  • More


Most themes already come with all of these templates built but they don’t let you edit any of it. So, why would you want a theme like that? I mean, you’re just going to have to create it again on Elementor to have them look the way you want. So, isn’t that just redundant?


That’s where Hello enters

Taken from Elementor’s website:

“Hello is a ‘super’ WordPress starter theme, meaning it’s a lightweight, minimalistic blank theme, with no styling at all, except for basic browser compatibility styling (AKA reset.css).

Originally, starter themes were mainly used by developers, who wanted a clean theme they could customize with code. Nowadays, with the power of Elementor’s  Theme Builder, there are many advantages to using a blank theme and customizing your entire site parts using Elementor, without having to deal with conflicts or code.”

So, why choose it? Well, there are many advantages when you go with this theme, listed below:

  • It’s perfect for Elementor. This theme is the one most compatible with Elementor. When the developers behind the page builder are coming up with a new version, the testing is done using that theme. This means less risk of conflicts when you update your version.
  • It’s the landing pages’ best friend. If you are building landing pages, you should know that every millisecond counts. Hello is a boilerplate theme that will load your landing pages faster than ever before.
  • Possible issues? No, not here. With Hello, there is the lowest risk of compatibility issues between the theme & Elementor and between the theme & other plugins, since its code is so minimalistic and optimized. With Hello, there are no surprising CSS spacing glitches nor color inconsistencies.
  • Somebody talk about performance. Hello is as light as possible. Most of the themes come with a boat load of assets that are unnecessary and that pretty much all they do is make your website slower. Core Web Vitals is on the horizon and you have to do all in your power to have a super fast website if you want to increase your chances of getting found by Google.
  • FREE forever. The theme is also completely FREE forever. We want our users never to give a second thought to their choice of theme, and just focus on designing beautiful & professional sites.


So, is Hello the best theme for Elementor? It has no complaints from us

All of the websites we have built for clients from scratch have been on the Hello theme, and neither we nor our clients have any complaints. And some of the projects we’ve worked with have involved the transfer from the Astra theme to Hello and we’ve made the websites perform better and faster because of it.


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