The Brief

VerusHemp was established in 2017, after years of being fascinated by the natural compounds of the CBD products. This shop focused on helping people with not only their products but also their advice, feeling free and being themselves. They contacted me for a site re-design and overall consultation on how to make their website convert more.

The Approach

On my initial call with Laurynas, one of the owners of this business, she mentioned how her store wasn’t making any sales and how some of her competitors were new but had scaled up immensely pretty fast. While it was determined that the website wasn’t the only culprit for the stagnation of her store, I explained to her how and why the pages on her site weren’t really helping.

By using Elementor’s features, I was able to build a product page template for her Woocommerce products that was more approachable for visitors, as it detailed everything about the product and why it was a good purchase, from the short description up top with the images to how the product is meant to be used.

The product pages as well as the website’s other pages, which are also valuable assets, were made more mobile-friendly to provide users with a better experience and convert on that traffic.

Finally, I also made everything more easier for Laurynas to handle on the back-end. Running a store is not easy and when you have to do all sorts of tasks, from the marketing to the accounting, that the website take less time to manage is extremely valuable. With that in mind, I configured everything so that she would only have to fill in the blanks.

Tools used:

  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce

I contacted Andres because my store wasn't really making any sales and I thought it had something to do with the website. On my first call with him, he laid everything down in a way that made sense to me. He didn't really pull any punches and worked with me to integrate the new changes to the design of the site, making it more accessible to users, providing them a better experience.

Laurynas Velicka

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