Solving The Elementor Stuck on Loading Issue

The 'Elementor stuck on loading' issue is a very common and frustrating problem that happens pretty much to all of us Elementor users. There are a lot of causes to this issue, but the good news is it has a solution.

Think about it. You’re being your best DIY-self and you’re building a website on your own. You open up the page you’re going to edit and first and click on the “Edit with Elementor” button, only to be met with what’s one of the most common issues with Elementor – and also a lot of builders, to be honest – the “white screen of death” or “stuck on loading”.

It’s frustrating – to say the least – to see the page in blank not doing anything, or just seeing the loading block for what it feels like an eternity.

However, it is way more frustrating the fact that what causes the issue could be many different things, so it can be a very time-consuming problem to solve. The first thing you need to do is not to panic, because while there are several causes, the solutions are very easy to implement, and here some of the following.


What you can do to stop getting your Elementor stuck on loading

Here are some of the quick things you can do:

  1. Start with clearing your browser’s cache (here is a good tutorial on how to do so depending on the browser you’re operating: Clear your web browser’s cache, cookies and history).
  2. Another thing you can also try is changing the theme of your WordPress site. WordPress has thousands and thousands of themes and not all of them are compatible with Elementor. The theme I recommend for using with Elementor is the company’s own theme, Hello Elementor. Astra or OceanWP are also very popular choices.
  3. Given that I’m talking about themes and stuff inside WordPress, it can also be another plugin you have installed on your website. These last two solutions are the go-to solutions you’ll most likely find on other blog posts because sometimes these types of resources are poorly coded causing conflicts on your site.
  4. You can also get the “Elementor stuck on loading” from a conflict between an add-on or extension on your browser. Go through your brain’s history tab and try to remember if Elementor was working fine prior to the installation of any of these. Alternatively, you can also switch browsers and see how Elementor works.

Some of these solutions don’t necessarily have to work (remember I told you the issue could be caused by many different things). So, if that’s your case, stick with me and read below to find the option “Switch Front-end Editor Loader Method” within Elementor.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard, look for the Elementor tab and click on Settings.

elementor stuck on loading screen


Step 2: On this page, you’ll see four tabs: General, Style, Integrations and Advanced. You want to click on “Advanced”.

elementor stuck on loading screen


Step 3: Under the Advanced settings, take a look at the second item that says “Switch Editor Loader Method”. Click on the dropdown and selecting “Enable”.

elementor stuck on loading screen


Step 4: Now, click on the “Save Changes” button and go to a page you want to edit on Elementor to see if the stuck on loading screen issue got solved.

elementor stuck on loading screen


Additional problems that may arise.

If, after you went through all of this, you saw the box with the message “the preview cannot be loaded”, it may just be a problem in compatibility, within the themes or plugins you’re using and Elementor.

To check if it was the plugins, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins

elementor stuck on loading screen


Click on ‘deactivate’ for all the plugins that you see there, except for Elementor Pro. Alternatively you can also check the box next to each plugin, then click the dropdown at the top where it says ‘Bulk Actions’, select ‘deactivate’ and then click on the ‘apply’ button.

You can then check if the plugin has been solved by looking at one of your pages on Elementor. If it was solved, then reverse the process by activating the plugins one by one. Doing this will let you know which plugins is the culprit. You can then contact the plugin author or go through the support forums to see if there’s any answer as to why that plugin is causing the issue.


The white screen is still there

Now, if none of this worked and you’re fuming at the screen, getting ready to throw your laptop against a wall (you’re not alone, buddy) because your Elementor doesn’t load, you can try one more thing. Sometimes, the solution can be at the server level and because on the server the risks of screwing up more stuff are higher if you don’t know what you’re doing, my recommendation is to talk to your hosting’s customer support so they can see what the issue is.

This actually happened to me not that long ago with Siteground and they told me it was a configuration on my SSL certificate. Lo and behold, once I ticked off the box for that option, Elementor started working perfectly again.

So, don’t get all panicky when this issue happens because more often than not, it has a solution.

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